Badminton, squash buddies?


in Graz

Badminton, squash buddies?

Hello 👋 I am looking for people to play badminton or squash with. I'm an average badminton player, and very beginner at squash so would prefer people on the same level, or people who are okay with a newbie 😅 I'm willing to cover majority or all the price of the courts if you're someone who's fun to play with, not too competitive, and willing to improve together 😊


28. Slovenian living in Graz (🇬🇧 ENG & 🇸🇮 SLO. My German is very basic 🙈) 🏳️‍🌈 🧗🏻 🖌️ 🏕️ ☕ 🐶 🦎❤️ 📺 🏸 Interested in skiing buddies...
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