verrückte radfahrideen


in Graz

verrückte radfahrideen

When I look around on top of a hill or high building in Graz, I see the snowy mountain tops of the Steirische Randgebirge and the only thing left I want to do is to go cycling there and hike or ride to the top. (z.B. Ameringkogel) It's a fairly crazy idea, but on a nice day and if you leave Graz around 5:00, it should be feasible. Perhaps. I'm searching for someone who has just these crazy ambitions :D (I speak #German or #French too, but I can express myself better in #English) #ESNGraz #bike


Belgische Austauschstudent Maschinenbauingenieur an der TU Graz, 20 Jahre alt.
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