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Let's get active again. From rock-climbing to knitting or visiting the theatre. Find like-minded people in your city.

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You are new in the city? Or do you want to be active, but none of your friends have the time? The BuddyMe community is there for you.

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You have an uncommon hobby? Or do you want to try something new? With BuddyMe it's easy to find like-minded people for your passion.

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You lack a Buddy for your favourite sport? Or do you need someone to motivate you? It's just much more fun with the right sports-buddy.

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BuddyMe has real stories to tell

Testimonial 1I'm Phillip (27) from Hamburg and have been living in Linz since the end of 2015. With BuddyMe I found a very good opportunity to get to know new people with my hobbies quickly, easily and above all uncomplicated.
— Phillip Bur
Testimonial 2I think Buddyme is a great way to meet new people. Especially the rotating dinner is always entertaining. From sports to culture there is a suitable activity for everyone.
— UliPendragon
Testimonial 3I think it's great to spontaneously meet new people, have fun and enjoy life. Within my circle of friends it is often difficult, because of different working hours, to find someone that has time.
— Iveta V.
Testimonial 4I met Birgit on BuddyMe and she has become one of my best friends. Also with Oliver, my via ferrata buddy I also found here, connects me a great friendship. It's true - Buddies become real friends.
— Barbara M.
Testimonial 5BuddyMe is a great alternative to Facebook, because it offers a different atmosphere, I've already met some people through BuddyMe and so far I have only had good experiences, whether in the direction of startups or leisure activities!
— Alex E.

Find friends in Germany

BuddyMe is now available in selected german cities. Find friends, "buddies" and real friendships in your city.

These friends are just waiting for you in Berlin

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    You have a thousand online friends but no one to just talk to? You are being bombarded with ads all day? We don't like it eather! Don't waste your time online. BuddyMe is for real people, just like you and me.

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    New people

    Enrich your life with the connections you make and the personalities you get to know - by being active together.

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    Real activity

    Boardgames, rock-climbing, cooking - there is so much to do. Be everything but boring.


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    Increase your score and collect badges for activities. Become the "real buddy" in your city.

    Explore new Cities

    Discover new cities

    When Studying, travelling or professionally - new places mean new people. Easily find locals und expand your circle of friends.

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    No banners, no social ads, no campaigns. We like to concentrate on the important things - real people and activities.

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